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About UC Cancer Clinical Trials

Welcome to the Clinical Trial finder of the UC Cancer Consortium, a collaboration among five academic medical centers with world-class health systems and NCI-Designated Comprehensive Cancer Centers. The UC system treats every kind of pediatric and adult cancer.

Our doctors and researchers are looking for new ways to prevent and treat diseases. To do this, our scientists use a type of research called clinical trials. This site, enables you to search for cancer-related clinical trials across all of our locations–UC Davis Health, UCSF Health, UCLA Health, UCI Health and UC San Diego Health. These academic medical centers have hundreds of clinical trials underway at any given time and new trials are always being added. If you are seeking information on clinical trials for conditions not related to cancer, please visit the UC Health clinical trials search engine or the clinical trials pages at each of our medical centers (see below).

A clinical trial is used to see if a treatment is safe and works for people. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has not approved these treatments for widespread use, and some trials may conclude that the experimental treatment carries greater risk than currently available treatments or is ineffective at managing the condition.

This site shows the oncology clinical trials underway, including those accepting new patients. Each clinical trial has strict guidelines about the type of patients who can participate. View the eligibility requirements and exclusion criteria listed for each trial. If you think you might meet the requirements and want more information, or to verify your eligibility, you may contact your doctor or the research team at the participating institution to learn more.

Patient safety is the number one priority for clinical trials. The researchers at each UC Health medical center follow strict rules from the National Institutes of Health (NIH). You may want to check out more information about clinical trials from the NIH to see if these studies are right for you or a loved one.

To view a list of all clinical trials underway at each UC medical center, you can visit the clinical trials page on each campus’ website: UC Davis Health, UCSF Health, UCI Health, UCLA Health, and UC San Diego Health.