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What to Expect

Clinical trials take place in the same setting where standard patient care occurs. As a clinical trial participant, you may have more tests and office visits than patients who are receiving widely available, standard treatments.

In addition, you may have other responsibilities such as keeping a log or filling out forms about your health. Some studies continue to follow up with patients after treatment is over.

If you are interested in an oncology clinical trial that you find on, you can:

  • Review the eligibility and exclusion criteria associated with that study.
  • Provide the clinical trial information to your doctor.
  • Contact the researcher or institution listed to express interest.

If you meet the criteria for participation, the researcher will tell you more about the study and you can ask the researcher any questions you have. If you still want to join, the researcher will ask you to review and sign a consent form. The consent form will:

  • State your rights.
  • Describe the possible benefits and risks.
  • Describe what will be required of you in the study.
  • You can stop being in the study at any time for any reason.