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Aging clinical trials at UC Cancer

2 research studies open to eligible people

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  • Aging and Reward System Response to Inflammation and Anxiety Study

    open to eligible people ages 60-80

    The purpose of this study is to use an experimental inflammatory challenge to examine whether older adults with symptoms of anxiety experience loss of pleasure or loss of motivation when they are exposed to inflammation. Loss of pleasure or loss of motivation will be evaluated using self-report questionnaires, computer tasks, and during a brain scan.

    at UCLA

  • NBTXR3 With or Without Cetuximab in LA-HNSCC

    open to eligible people ages 65 years and up

    This is a global, open-label, randomized, 2-arm, Investigator's choice Phase 3 (Pivotal Stage) study to investigate the efficacy/performance and safety of NBTXR3/RT±cetuximab versus RT±cetuximab in treatment-naïve, platinum-ineligible, elderly participants with LA-HNSCC.

    at UCSF

Our lead scientists for Aging research studies include .

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